Taking Another Look …

Sometimes it helps to step back or off to the side to get a better perspective on things. Just a little shift can give you a fresh view, help you see more and give you more to work with.






This summer I came across a couple of interviews with Dave Tenney, Fitness Coach for the Seattle Sounders MLS club. Coach Tenney’s insights into the alactate – aerobic nature of soccer and the implications for training those energy systems opened up an opportunity to take another look at we’ve traditionally emphasized in training American soccer players, especially at the high school, club and college levels.

It’s not that there’s some groundbreaking research in what he’s suggesting or that it’s completely new. Vern Gambetta and others have pointed out the same things at different times and in other formats and European systems have been working that way for awhile. And, that’s the point.

What’s new is not the information, it’s that following Coach Tenny’s thinking led me to look at an aspect of what I do from a slightly different perspective, to see it from a different angle, and in doing so open up new possiblities and better ways to serve the players I work with.

It’s easy to get stuck, taking the same view, looking at the same things in the same way. As a coach (or as a player ) are you willing to step back from time to time to intentionally look at a bigger picture? Are you willing to challenge yourself or be challenged to look at things from a slightly different angle and be open to seeing more? It’s one of the ways master coaches build those deep frameworks of knowledge that Daniel Coyle talks about.

So, if you haven’t done it for a while look for an opportunity to stretch your thinking. Pick up a journal, get to a workshop, watch someone you admire coach, listen to a podcast and along with gathering some new information try to follow the thinking. Open yourself up to a fresh perspective. You might be surprised at what you see.

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