Coaching As An Act Of Service

Since summer is here I have the privilege of working with college players who are back and training again. I’ve been working with many of them since they were 14 or 15 years old and I am coming to see, more and more clearly , that whether it’s a training session, a coaching conversation or the coach / player relationship itself, what comes from the athlete is more important than what goes into them. Recognizing that, valuing it and learning to work with it is a challenge that takes coaching to a different level for me. It becomes an act of service not ego. The focus becomes calling forth the potential that every athlete brings, allowing them to make their biggest contribution to their own success and the success of their team. A humbling and enjoyable experience to be sure.


One thought on “Coaching As An Act Of Service

  1. Norie Hennen

    I’m not sure if it’s Tim or Terry who wrote that, but either way, its things such as this that makes both of you such great people for our girls to work with! I know that they appreciate the privilege!

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