Becoming More Of The Player You Know You Are

13ullmannha-actionThere’s a bigger player in there, a bigger person actually, and the real joy of sport is in becoming that player. We don’t always have a clear picture of that player . Often it’s just a a glimpse; a momentary snapshot of what could be. The momentary glimpse though is enough to draw us forward  if we’ll let it.

Becoming that player and that person, requires a lot of  things. Two of which are, making choices and taking risks.

Choices – Making choices, big and small, that help you grow into more of the player you know you are. Making those choices over and over again. Sometimes they’re simple, clear and easy. Other times they’re hard ( see: risk ). Over time they become habits and begin to reveal more of the player and person we know we are. Making choices is about using our power to express what’s important. Are you going to show up for that workout? Are you going to work hard or just get by? Will you pay attention to what you eat, how much sleep you get?

034_34Risk – Risk means stepping up when we don’t know if we’ll be successful and sometimes when it seems as if we won’t.  Every time we step on the court or the field or the ice we take the risk. When we challenge a team mate or take the lead by going hard in practice or decide to try out for a new team or play at the next level we take a risk. Every time we take a step toward becoming more of the player we know we are we take a risk. We might come up short, we might fall – in fact sometimes we will. That’s OK. Because even a step that comes up short is one we can learn from. The alternative to taking the risk, taking the step, is standing still, like a work of art half finished. Developing potential is a process of unfolding and when we let the fear of failure stop us we stop the unfolding.


Now, here’s the exciting part. As you become more of the player you know you are, you make it possible for the people around you, team mates, competitors, coaches,  to become more of the player and person and even team  they know they can be.  So, is there a choice you see that you’re wanting to make, a risk you’re willing to take? That bigger player is already in there. Show us a glimpse.

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