Going For It …

We’ve been talking about “going for it” in one of our high school girls training groups. And, about how the “going for” is more important than the “it.” The goals we set out to accomplish are important – they draw us forward, help us focus but … it’s the process that transforms us and makes us more of the person and athlete we want to be. That’s where the development happens.

GIRLS SOCCERApolo Ohno, says it well in his section of Katie Couric’s book, The Best Advice I Ever Got. ” There’s no guarantee you’re going to reach your goal – that’s the thing. It’s not really about the destination, but about what it took to get you there. After I’ve crossed the finish line in a race, I sometimes think to myself, Oh my gosh, the past four years of my life have ben dedicated to a race that lasted only forty seconds. You know I can’t remember the 40 seconds in their entirety. I can remember a lot more about the bulk of time leading up to the race when I was training…. Its not about the 40 seconds, its about the four years, the time it took to get there. The things that I learned about myself and what I endured throughout those for years are really what mattered most.”

So, right now we’re going to focus on the “going for” and let the “it” take care of itself. In the end we can’t control the outcome but, we can control how we “go for it”.  We can go for it whole heartedly, work hard, be smart and focused, pump each other up when its needed and, take it one step at a time.  Enjoy your “going for” this week whatever the “it” might be.

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