It’s In The Next Step …

118_118The training group I mentioned in the last post is wrapping up a four week training block with an unloading week. It’s been a good start. While they may have big goals for themselves and their team we’ve been trying to just focus on the next step.

Focusing on the next step helps put each workout in perspective. Today’s training session is the next step. If we’re working at getting stronger then today’s step is to increase the volume or the intensity just a little bit. Adding the reps or the sets or increasing the weight is challenging and it’s also the logical next step if we want to get stronger. We can look at getting faster or improving fitness the same way –  a small next step.

The great thing about focusing on “the next step” is that you’re making progress from the start, moving forward and learning in each moment. Big goals can become abstract. Focusing on the next step keeps it real.

Focusing on “the next step” the step we’re taking today is a practical approach that has another benefit. As you keep moving forward you often discover you’re capable of much more than you originally thought. The “it” that you’re “going for” may just get bigger.

Keep going for it … take the next step.

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