Resources for Good Nutrition

“You are what you eat.”   

It’s discouraging to watch a young athlete go through a tough training session and then hear them talking about a trip to a fast food restaurant on their way out of the gym. Feels like two steps forward and almost as many back.

jamie+anderson+slopestyleOne group of athletes that’s done particularly well at the Sochi Olympics are the United States skiers and snowboarders. Part of the reason for that is that they have one of the best approaches to Long Term Athletic Development around. They’ve looked at everything from physical training to mental skills to character development. Its an approach that most other sports can learn a lot from.  It’s about developing potential by working with the whole person.

The link below is to a video  from their Park City, Utah training center to a group of young athletes. It lays out a what I think is a very helpful and practical approach to good nutrition. They make it clear that good nutrition is not about supplements and meal plans. Instead it’s about learning to make good choices. In this short presentation they offer some simple examples and guidelines that make it easy to get started.


There are several downloadable pdf’s as well that give simple diagrams for planning your plate. Just check under the Athletes Eating Guidelines as ” Athletes Plates ” .  As they say in the video, ” Good nutrition is not going to be the reason you win but, poor nutrition will hold you back.” Small steps in the right direction open up the possibility for big gains down the line. It’s that 1% solution. These resources are a good place to start.

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