New Beginnings and Next Steps

New groups and new athletes are getting started this week. It’s an exciting time. New players coming in and returning players ready to take the next step.  Winter sports athletes who are just a week or two from the start of practice are wrapping up their latest cycle. Lots of comings and goings .

iStock_000004316057MediumWe launch a new training group for U15-U17 Girls Soccer players this week. High school wrapped up a few weeks ago and the club season doesn’t get rolling full steam for a while. We’ve got a full group of players with a nice mix of experienced older girls and incoming U15s. We’re also adding a new coach to the mix. Davis Bates will join us this November. I’ve worked with Davis in the Breakaway Hockey dry land program for almost two years. He’s going to be a great addition to the team.

iStock_000011469617MediumOur middle school boys and girls start up again this week. A lot of the basketball kids are off to practice and in their season now so most of our kids here will be kids who play soccer, lacrosse  and football. Our goal is always to help them get results but, more importantly to expand their capacity to accomplish more as they develop. Movement skills, strength and repeating and building on the basics as they move through these years. There’s a lot of change and growth taking place and the key is to stay with them as they grow more and more into the athletes they can be. It’s crucial to take the long view here.

Hockey Player Turning on Ice Our hockey players are wrapping up. High school tryouts start a week from today! They’re chomping at the bit to get going. They’ve worked hard since way back last spring – patiently and persistently taking it step by step. Stronger, faster, fit and healthy. Just the way we want to send them off. They’ve been a perfect example of the holistic, integrated approach we like to see young players take. Working to enhance the connections between physical, technical, tactical and mental skills development. Working on each area and the relationships and connection between them is the key. We gotta keep the  racehorses in the barn for one more week before they’re turned loose. It will be fun to see what happens on the ice this season.

10703589_809219992434582_2475629147460294872_nA word of congratulations to two of our senior soccer players who closed out their high school careers with a third place finish in the State High School Tournament. I’ve been privileged to work with Nate and Shay for the last four years. It doesn’t seem like it can be that long and we still laugh at where they started when they came in as freshmen. To watch them blossom and see them accomplish what they have for themselves and with their team is a blessing. We can never know for sure where the journey will take us and it’s been a great journey. Congratulations. 10710964_809220049101243_1939075816997532939_n

So, it’s gonna be busy during the overlap this week. But, these weeks are also a lot of fun, new beginnings and next steps and a little time to celebrate the accomplishments.

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