New Middle School Boys Session Starts This Week

Boy Basketball Large AOur Middle School Boys Athletic Development group starts up again this week. This is one of our favorite groups. We enjoy it for three reasons.

We see so much change and growth. With the right kind of training, emphasizing form and technique we see measurable progress in strength, speed, skill and fitness all the time. The emphasis is on learning and development, not performance. Of course the secret here is that good technique and form will improve performance too.

They are fun to work with and eager to learn. They have great energy and we like to take advantage of that. We can turn speed drills into races and we can use a game of ultimate frisbee to substitute for our regular conditioning. People who are having fun tend to work harder and stay with things longer so that energy provides us with a great opportunity.

We love sending them on to the next level. We’re having conversations with high school and club coaches this spring and we hear repeatedly how many kids come unprepared mentally and physically for their high school experience. High school basketball coaches would prefer not to have to spend time teaching kids how to run well instead of working on the game. It helps the football program when kids come in knowing how to lift safely with proper technique. Kids who train with us come in with a leg up on the process and confidence to boot.

We start our next session next week. If you want to know more you can check it out here  or contact us here.  It’s gonna be good.

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