Middle School Girls Group Starts This Week

MSGirlsSoccerThe big goal is pretty simple. We want to see girls playing the sports they enjoy as well as possible, for as long as possible. With that in mind we are focused on two things. The first is to reduce the likelihood of injury. The second is to help develop their athletic ability so that as they grow they can play their sport at the highest level they enjoy.

For nearly 15 years now we have been helping girls develop their athletic ability to the fullest, from nine year old hockey players to Division one soccer players. We work on the basic movement skills and patterns that are the foundation of long term athletic development, skills and patterns that directly support the technical skills of any sport. The more comfortable, strong and balanced you are as you lunge, squat, jump, land, stop, start or change direction the more you can do on the court, in the field, on the ice or even in the snow … and the more fun you can have.

Learning these same movement patterns and skills is also the key to preventing injuries. Learning how to land, balance, shift weight and change direction helps keep young players out of those vulnerable positions that often lead to injury.

Research and our experience has shown that establishing these movement skills and patterns at an early age opens up more possibilities for their technical development and, makes a significant difference when it comes to reducing the likelihood of injury.

Our next Middle School Girls training group is starting this week. There are just a few spaces left. If you would like to join us click here to find out more or contact us and we’ll answer your questions.

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