Leaving The Drama To Someone Else

We often look to the dramatic, the cataclysmic, the one big moment to create change – to move us toward our goal. We want the “hack”, the plan, the quick fix or the shortcut. What we discover over time is it doesn’t work that way. It’s the slow accumulation of an intentional practice, a daily choice that becomes a habit that moves us toward flourishing and excellence.

Daily stretching, eating the right food, practicing the fundamentals, getting enough sleep. Over time we literally change the structures of our bodies, our brains, our attitudes and the environment  around us. It’s a challenge to stay with it, to pick it up again when we drop the ball but, it’s surest way to discovering and developing our potential. So, surrounding ourselves with others, team mates, coaches, friends and family who are committed to the same thing goes a long way – takes us a long way.

What habit do you want to begin? What small step repeated over time will help you move in the direction you want as an athlete, a coach, a person?  Who can you engage to join you or support you?

And here’s the really cool thing; once we take that step we may discover it opening up possibilities we hadn’t imagined. 

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