Trust The Process And The People

I am inspired almost daily by the athletes and coaches I get to work with. This week I congratulated a college player who was back in the lineup and having a good start to the season after recovering from serious surgery last winter. Her response “Thanks for thinking of me. Trusting the process.”

We talked a lot about trusting the process and leaning into the challenge as she was preparing to make the leap from club to college a few years ago. So, to hear her talk about “trusting the process” had a profound impact.

Trusting the process changes our attitude, internally and externally. We free ourselves up to lean into the challenge. It doesn’t make it easy but it gives us the energy and the courage we need to move forward, physically and mentally. We give ourselves the green light.

When we trust the people in the process, the ones making the journey with us, we often find unimagined resources and support to draw on; the coach or teammate who was there for us in unexpected ways.

Trust is like a muscle – it can be strengthened by exercising it, practicing and dealing with the occasional pain that is part of the process.  Lean in this week, trust the process … and the people. Allow yourself to be surprised by the results.

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