Fascial Stretch Therapy™

IMG_1173Mobility is a significant factor in both the health and performance of an athlete. Many of athletes we see, from high school through college and adult, have some form of tightness or restriction. Sometimes it shows up in the form a of a sore back or knee. Sometimes it comes out as a limiting factor in their speed , agility or technical skill performance.

While traditional stretching, when it’s done, can have some benefits, it typically addresses specific muscles, most often in a static way. As a result, the benefits are limited.

There is a better way: Fascial Stretch Therapy™.

FST™ was developed over twenty years ago by Ann Frederick as a table based, pain free way to increase mobility and flexibility. It actually  addresses full fascial lines throughout the whole body. Because FST™ uses a whole-body concept based in anatomy and functional movement, it results in improved flexibility and greater gains in mobililty over traditional stretching.




Sessions are done on a massage table and players wear the same clothing they would for a training session or workout. The process is pain free and relaxing with immediate results.

If you watch the NFL on Sundays or you’ve seen the summer Olympics you’ve most likely watched athletes who use FST™.  FST™ is now available for Kick-It! Training athletes.

In addition to increased mobility and flexibility,  other benefits of FST™ include :

  • Improved Performance  ( speed, agility, strength and power)
  • Enhanced Recovery
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief
  • Reduced Pain and Soreness
  • Improved Body Alignment and Posture

What People Say About Fascial Stretch Therapy™


WOW just wanted to thank you for the stretch session. My legs feel so much lighter, and woke up without the aches and pains I usually wake up with. Feel better than any massage I have received.Thank you again I look forward to our next session.”  –Terry L. Soccer Coach & former professional player

“I felt great after FST™! I ran later that afternoon and felt like I could have gone forever!! Thank You!” Dr. Crystal Neal, Chiropractor and runner.

” I recently had a lower body FST™ session with Tim and immediately after I could really tell a difference in the connective tissue in my legs and hip area. There was a sense of fluidity from my upper to the lower body. What a difference. Great stuff!  Thanks Tim.” — Lisa B., Massage Therapist

If you want to learn more about Fascial Stretch Therapy™  contact Tim Clark at  Kick-It! Training here. If you want to see what it looks like  check out this short video from the Stretch To Win Institute or visit their website.

You can book a Fascial Stretch Therapy™ session on-line. FST sessions take place at ABC Family Chiropractic, 1405 78th St, Victoria, MN. 55386.

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Individual sessions can also be booked for alternative times and days by clicking here and contacting Tim.