High School & College Athletes


Goal Keeper Development –
 Goal Keeper is a unique position requiring  its own set of skills and a unique blend of physical qualities and athleticism. Our 2017 summer program will begin June 17 and run through the summer on Sundays and Thursdays. It’s an integrated approach that combines athletic development on the turf and in the weight room with position skills work on the field to help players take their game to a higher level. Find out more here …


Hockey Player Turning on IceSpring and Summer Dry Land Training –   We help players develop the speed, strength, mobility and stamina to carry their play to a higher level.  Phase one runs from April 1 – June 30. Phase two takes players from mid July up to high school tryouts.  We currently work with both high school boys and girls. Contact Us for details


You’re a college bound athlete. You love to play the game. You love it enough to take it to the next level. You’re used to working hard, eager for that next step and wanting to be successful as you take it. We work with a lot of players to navigate that transition and successfully  make that jump at every level from Division I to Division III. Find out more …


Kick-It! Training also works with individual athletes in a one to one setting as well as small groups of 2 – 4 athletes.  To find out more about this option contact Tim Clark


Kick-It! Training provides team training for groups of 7 – 15 players. If you have a team or small group you would like us to work with please contact Tim Clark for details and rates.


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