College Bound Athletes

DSCF2240You’re a college bound athlete. You love to play the game. You love it enough to take it to the next level. You’re used to working hard, eager for that next step and wanting to be successful as you take it.

Rising to a new challenge

If you’re feeling that mix of excitement and anxiousness take it as a good sign. As an athlete you know that combination, like the butterflies you get before a big game or a match. And, as an athlete you know it can help you meet the challenge.

Still, when that summer conditioning program arrives from your coach it can feel a little daunting. The workouts, the schedules, the exercises, even the language may be new. There are new higher standards for strength, speed and fitness. When you get to campus later in the summer you want to be prepared, confident and ready to go. So where do you start?

Helping you meet the challenge

We’ve worked with lot of athletes to successfully take that next step. There are three things we do to give our players a leg up on the process.

Interpret and Translate

One of the first things we’ll do is help you understand what’s in the plan and put it in context. Some plans are detailed and complex. Others are simpler and straight-forward. We often take the pieces, lay them out and put them on a single calendar to help players see how the pieces fit together and how one phase supports the next. If there are standards to meet or a test you need to pass we help players understand what they are, what they measure and how to prepare.  Then, we’ll practice them and benchmark throughout the summer.


Once we have a sense of where you’re going we get a sense of where you are. If the program has hang cleans or dumbbell snatches in it and you’ve never been in the weight room we need to build a bridge from here to there. If you’re expected to run ten 110 yard striders and you’ve never done one then we need to start there.  When we know where you’re starting we can create the steps to get in synch with the plan and meet your goals.

Implement and Support

Then we build a schedule. Everyone is unique. Some parts of the plan you may choose to do on your own. For other parts it makes sense to get coaching or train with other players. Strength training is an area where good coaching makes a big difference. Conditioning workouts are often easier when you’re working with someone else. Some players have worked with us 4 or 5 times a week. Some just once or twice. We build a schedule that fits you. The confidence that comes from knowing you’re ready to go makes a big difference.

A Unique Time
Don’t forget this transition is about more than your sport. Senior year and the summer bring big changes. IMG_1173One phase of life is ending and another one is just opening up. You’ll be saying good bye to friends and living away from home most likely for the first time. Those things bring a unique kind of stress that everyone responds to differently. Your training and preparation need to take that into account. Having someone who is trained and experienced who can stand outside the process while you go through it is a huge help for a lot of players.

We’ve helped a lot of players make that transition successfully in a variety of sports from soccer to volleyball; from Division I players to Division III.  If you would like to know more or you’re ready to get to work CONTACT US. We’re eager to get started.


I started working with Kick-It! in high school. Since I’ve been working with Tim I feel like I’ve been ready to play college level soccer. He’s helped me get prepared to play the game at a more physical and higher level. I also feel like I’m more aware of different lifts, workouts and training that pertain specifically to me and my sport. I feel stronger on the ball and more fit all the way around. Tim fits the workout to my needs and I get more fit every year and I’m improving on the field because of it. Tim has been so great to work with. He makes working out fun and gets me ready to play.             Claire L. – Player

It is my pleasure to recommend Tim Clark. Tim is my daughter’s trainer who worked with her from early in high school all the way to Division 1 soccer. No only did he teach our daughter good technique and provide excellent conditioning, but he helped her prepare mentally. TIm has a special ability to connect with his clients. He cares very much about their success. His knowledge is extensive. He is professional and prepared for all sessions. Tim has gone the extra mile with our daughter. Of all her coaches, Tim is the one to whom our daughter relates best. Consider Kick-It Training. It may provide the extra edge that you or your son or daughter is looking for.                 Susan – Parent