GOALKEEPER IS A UNIQUE POSITION requiring  its own set of skills and a  unique blend of physical qualities and athleticism.

There’s really no other position in sports that comes close. You need the agility and diving ability of a libero in volleyball, the leaping ability of a small forward in basketball, the hands and movement skills of a free safety in football and the foot skills of your soccer team mates with the ball.  When you combine that with the physical contact and pounding of training and competition you’ve got one special kind of athlete.

THAT’S WHY WE OFFER A SPECIAL KIND OF TRAINING –  It’s an integrated approach that combines athletic development on the turf and in the weight room with position skills work on the field to help players take their game to a higher level.

We know that keepers who are strong, powerful, agile, fast and well conditioned are better able to use the skills they work so hard to master on the field. Those physical qualities are the platform for executing your position skills. The better athlete you become the better player you will be.

Physically prepared athletes are also more injury resistant and resilient as they meet the demands of the position.


~ On field skills training

~ Speed, agility, quickness work to support those field skills

~ Strength training to improve performance at the position and reduce the risk of injury

~ Training for the power and explosiveness essential for keepers

~ Mobility, balance, coordination and the movement skills that enhance your performance on the field.

~ Recovery practices and mental skills to support you on and off the field

Weekend sessions combine field skills and physical training. Thursday training sessions will focus entirely on the physical preparation .

SCHEDULE FOR 2017 – 18 not yet set


COST – 2017-2018 not yet set

In order to provide personalized training and attention for each athlete space is limited and by invitation only. If you have received an invitation you can CLICK HERE to sign up or CONTACT us with questions or concerns.